Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00.  We begin with a time of fellowship and breakfast snacks about 8:30 and our worship time begins at 9:00.  This service has more singing and is a more relaxed atmosphere.  Families can sit in chairs in a semi-circle or sit at a table.  Come check us out.


UMM Barbeque Chicken is July 24, 2021.  Call Butch Emerick (540-908-1129) to place your order.

June and july 2021: Invitation to Participate in Prayer Vigil

From the Bishop: Thanks for Your Perseverance!


Youth Can Help Church Members who are not well or do not want to venture out. Here is what you need to do:

  • Make your list. If you can, go online to and place an online pick-up order.  You will pay online when you order.
  • If you can’t order online, or you want items from a different store, you can email your order to us. Limit 20 items. Must provide a check or cash upon delivery.
  • Send your physical address and email address to the church. We will then contact you directly to make arrangements to get your items and deliver them.

Updated Announcements:

We are continuing with in person worship.  Those who have been fully vaccinated will not longer need to mask or social distance.  We do ask that you be mindful of those who have not yet received the vaccine.  We are also cautiously resuming some of our other ministries.  We are looking for Sunday School teachers as we come back into our Sunday School program.  We are looking to resume our 8:30 service beginning June 27th.   Be on the look out for other ministries in the days ahead.

We will keep you updated by email, calls and on the website

If you have any questions or concerns or needs please contact the church office  (540) 740-8959, or email us at

Keep our country and world in your prayers.

Stay safe by lots of hand washing and not touching your face. Here’s a great link to what we can also do and to keep updated: Click Here

Keep the faith my friends.  God is still God and He loves you.

God bless,

Pastor Stephen , Senior Minister