Music ministry at Manor Memorial United Methodist Church is dedicated to leading the congregation in worship through singing, choral anthems, and special music. We welcome all musical gifts and talents in our service that can be used to glorify the Lord.

At Manor Memorial, we are also dedicated to creating a wholesome musical experience just as we are in other ministries. The director of music ministries, is committed to both faithful worship and education.  For any who are curious and wish to learn more about the role of music for God’s people in worship or about more general topics, a list of resources is included below.

  • – an online database of hymn tunes and hymn composers
  • Hermenusics Blog – Colton Henry’s blog on topics concerning church music and education
  • – a blog by Bryan Holten on church music with many great links and resources
  • The Gospel Coalition – an Evangelical Christian website founded by great thinkers including Timothy Keller and John Piper; it offers articles on Christian music, daily devotion, theology, and just about any other aspect of Christian living