The Church Conference held on Sunday July 25, 2021 voted to adopt the SAS structure for Manor Memorial UMC.  We are moving forward with this new leadership structure.



Our Church Council, at its May 18. 2021 meeting, voted to continue with the Simplified Accountable Leadership Structure.  The CNLD, Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development, has sent a letter to the District Superintendent with a detailed outline of our new structure requesting a Church Conference to vote on this new structure.  Be on the lookout for information about that meeting coming soon.  Below is the link to the work done by the CNLD which was sent to the D.S.  Should you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact members of the CNLD.

– Stephen Creech 540-740-8959
– Doug Loman (Lay Leader) 540-333-4852
– Matt Estep (2021) 540-325-5684
– Helen Loman (2021) 540-333-4854
– Jen Finfrock (2021) 540-233-3619

– Rhonda Bowen (2022) 540-421-1502
– Jim Douglas (2022) 540-740-2740
– V. Kagey (2023) 540-624-0439
– Lana Cox (2023) 540-740-8540



SAS – Charter Final to DS – 2021-04-29



Simplified Accountable Leadership Structure Chart 2020