MMUMC 2022 Leadership List

MMUMC 2022


 Ushers Duties

  1. Be on site at 10:30-35.
  2. Turn on all lights including the lights over both lecterns (switches are under lecterns).  Turn on heat or cool in the vestibule. Make sure the power strip in the bottom of the sound cabinet is turned on.
  3. Visit with the greeter and remind them that if someone makes them uncomfortable to come let you know.
  4. Select offertory helpers for 11 AM service. During 1st Sunday Communion, ushers will direct congregation to the altar to receive communion.  If someone needs communion at their pew, be sure to let communion servers know.
  5. At 10:50 you or someone else should lock the backdoor of Manor Hall, the glass door in the breezeway, and the Farrow Hall door.  Find a helper to do this if possible so you remain on station as an usher.
  6. Help seat visitors before and during service. Make everyone feel welcome and wanted.
  7. When the greeter comes in, close the inside doors.  Stand by the door for a while to open for latecomers.
  8. Seat yourself in the back of the church.  If someone needs to leave the church accompany them to the outer door.  If they need to use the restrooms open the door to Farrow Hall.  They can come back on their own.
  9. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable about the manner in which someone is acting, notify several of the men and have them keep an eye on the person or move closer.
  10. Count attendance. Write number on a prayer card and put into a collection plate. Les usually does this.
  11. Collecting the offering: lead the selected four helpers to the front of the church, get plates, hand out to ushers.
  12. Lead congregation in unison prayer and then you can find a place to stand or sit while collection is taken.
  13. When Doxology starts walk to bottom of the steps, take plates and move to steps holding them up to the cross.  When Doxology ends place offering plates on stand next to alter, walk back down the aisle.
  14. As the last song is playing unlock Farrow Hall and the glass doors in the breezeway.
  15. Prop open both interior doors after the benediction and one exterior door.
  16. After service:  if you have to leave right after church ask someone else to do these duties
  17. Straighten books in pews including the choir and the balcony.
  18. Pick up bulletins and other trash from pews.
  19. Turn off lights in all areas of the church.
  20. Check all bathrooms for running water, lights turned on and trash
  21. Make sure all exterior doors are locked – sanctuary, breezeway, Farrow Hall, Manor Hall backdoor.

Other exterior doors should be locked.

  1. If you are unable to be present for the Sunday service, make arrangements for a replacement.
  2. Usher or get ushers for any services held at the church during your month. This may include funerals.  (There are a number of things during Christmas, if you can’t make them ask someone to help.

 Greeter Duties

  1. Be in the vestibule around 10:30-35.
  2. If the heat or cool is not on in the vestibule turn it on.  Remember to turn it off when you come in the sanctuary.
  3. Hand out the bulletin as people arrive and greet them with warmth (smile, handshake, hug, depending on your familiarity with the person)
  4. If someone is new or you don’t remember seeing them before offer them a Visitor’s Card.  If they say they have been here before, introduce yourself and thank them for coming.
  5. At 11:00 close the outside door in good or bad weather and come into the sanctuary.  Put out bulletins where they can be seen and bring a few inside for the usher to give away.
  6. If anyone makes you uncomfortable for any reason, make the usher aware.  The sooner you do this the more time the usher has to assess the situation and take appropriate action.
  7. If you are unable to be present for the Sunday service, make arrangements for a replacement.